Upload Your Photo

Upload your picture and we'll process your pass or pack. Once you upload your photo your pass or pack will arrive in your mail box in 7-10 day. Once you receive your pass or pack you can go directly to the lift, no need to stop by the ticket or pass office. If you plan on skiing or riding before your pass gets to you in the mail, just stop by our Season Pass Office and we'll process your pass while you are here. New photos are optional for returning passholders.

All photos will be automatically cropped to a square (114px). Please be sure your face is centered in the photo.

Some rules
  • We need to see your face clearly (facing the camera) - suitable for passport, driver's license, etc.
  • Only the passholder in picture - no husbands, wives, girlfriends, pets, etc.
  • No sunglasses, hats, funny faces, unusual make-up.
  • No prosthetics (noses, fake mustaches, etc.)
  • No props (beer bottles, guns, skis etc.)
  • No black & white photos
  • We can only accept photos with a .jpg file extension (no .jpeg)

A little more information

This image will be used to identify you at the lifts by our automatic gates. Please use a photo that is easily recognizable. This will help us ensure the value of your pass by preventing fraudulent use.

Upload Your Photo