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Sign up for Resort Charge for the Ultimate Convenience

Resort Charge is a convenient way for Ikon Pass holders, Tahoe Super 4 Pack holders, or other season pass holders to associate a credit card to their pass. Resort Charge allows you to:

  • Use your pass to charge at resort-operated food and beverage outlets, retail, ski and snowboard schools, demo and rental centers.
  • Bypass the ticket window and go direct to lift on the days that your pass is blacked out or extend your pack days by adding resort charge and always receive the best rate guaranteed. The discounted ticket rate will automatically be charged to your credit card.
  • You may attach a credit card to the pass of anyone in your family.
How to Sign Up

Ikon and Ikon Base Pass 

In order to set up Resort Charge for your Ikon or Ikon Base Pass, you must log into your Ikon account and connect your credit card. You can enable the card for yourself or for anyone else on your account. The credit card you have on file will be the one used for any charges accrued on your passes. Please note: only one credit card can be put on file. The Resort Charge Billing Agreement and further instructions can be found here. You can also call 1-888-365-IKON to connect your credit card over the phone. 

Disclaimer: Resort Charge for Ikon and Ikon Base pass is currently only available at Steamboat, Winter Park, Snowshoe, Stratton, and Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. Additionally, if you had an Ikon or Ikon Base Pass last year with a functional resort charge at Squaw Valley and/or Alpine Meadows, you do not need to complete the steps above. Resort Charge will already be activated & working for you. 

Tahoe Super 4 Pack

If you have not yet purchased your Tahoe Super 4 Pack, the checkout process includes an option to accept or decline Resort Charge. However, if you have already purchased your 4 Pack, it is best to call the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Contact Center at 800-403-0206 for assistance in getting set up. 

Mountain Collective, SVAM Military Pass, SVAM Senior (80+) Pass, or SVAM-Only Pass

For a Mountain Collective Pass, Squaw Alpine Military Pass, a Squaw Alpine Senior (80+) Pass, or other types of Squaw Alpine Only Season Passes, it is best to call the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Contact Center at 800-403-0206 for assistance in getting set up.


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