Squaw U-System

  • A member of the squaw youth system skiing
  • A member of the squaw youth system skiing

The U System is a fully competitive race program for skiers ages 10 to 21.  This team focuses on advanced to elite race specific skill development. Athletes must be invited to participate in this program or have a recommendation from a reputable program to be eligible. Our highly credentialed and experienced coaches use training methodology and a curriculum on and off-hill to provide the best training and development opportunities. Athletes compete at the divisional, regional and national level in US Ski and Snowboard and FIS based on ability and qualification.

The program is offered on weekends, holidays and full time mid-week.

Please note: U System U10 ages 7-9 is now found under Jr Development U10.

2018-19 U System
U12 Weekends & Holidays10-118:45am-2:30pmDecember 8, 2018 - April 7, 2019$3,349
U12 Full Time - 5 Days a week10-11See CalendarDecember 8, 2018 - April 7, 2019$4,049
U14 Weekends & Holidays12-138:45am-2:30pmInquire with Ski Team Office$3,349
U14 Full Time - 5 Days a week12-138:45am-2:30pmInquire with Ski Team Office$4,049
U16 Weekends & Holidays14-158:45am-2:30pmInquire with Ski Team Office$3,819
U16 Full Time - 5-6 Days a week14-15 Inquire with Ski Team Office$4,419
U19/21 Weekends & Holidays16-208:45am-2:30pmInquire with Ski Team Office$4,569
U19/21 Full Time - 5-6 Days a week16-20 Inquire with Ski Team Office$5,669
Club Team (see Development Teams)14-188:45am-2:30pmDecember 8, 2018 - April 7, 2019$3,349

*Team fees DO NOT include a season pass.  Purchase of the Ikon Pass is required.

Enroll Online

Questions? Call 530-452-7270.

Day of Information
LunchMeals not included. 
Bad WeatherOur goal is to ski every day. We may have a delayed start or cancel on the odd occasion due to weather or operational challenges. This decision is made on advisement of Executive Mountain Management. Please check our website for the Daily Training Schedule.
Drop Off / Pick Up LocationTraining Schedule maintained by Head Coach. Visit the Squaw Teams website for details.

Please visit our Squaw Teams website.

  1. Must purchase Ikon Pass.
  2. Must have participated in a prior development program
  3. Team members must be independent and able to ski the entire mountain
  4. Previous racing experience is required
  5. Must have coaches recommendation
  6. Must join US Ski and Snowboard/Far West (FIS when age eligible)
  7. Ineligible for Tahoe League Races