Park & Pipe Ski Team

  • Big air at Gold Coast Terrain Park
  • Big air at Gold Coast Terrain Park

Park and Pipe athletes will develop the technical skiing skills and air awareness to progress their skiing in the terrain park, the half pipe, and big mountain environments. The slow and methodical progression will provide athletes with the tools that they need to have fun and be safe on the entire mountain. The primary focus of this team is to instill technical skills, physical strengths, a positive attitude, and respect for the mountain in the athletes that are sure to become the best skiers on the mountain. Our coaches will be providing off mountain training so it is advised that our athletes obtain passes at Boreal and Woodward Action Sport Camp for further feature and off snow training.  Training for the day is very dependent on conditions, and coaches will decide daily what activities are safe and valuable. The park and pipe team’s athletes need to be flexible for schedule changes frequently due to conditions. Competing athletes will be traveling to various local and national events. 

2018-19 Park & Pipe Ski Team
Weekends & Holidays9-188:45am-2:30pmDecember 8, 2018 - April 7, 2019$3,349
Full Time9-188:45am-2:30pmDecember 8, 2018 - April 7, 2019$3,849

 *Team fees DO NOT include a season pass. Purchase the Ikon Pass is required.

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Questions? Call 530-452-7270.

Day of Information
LunchMeals not included. 
Bad WeatherOur goal is to ski every day. We may have a delayed start or cancel on the odd occasion due to weather or operational challenges. This decision is made on advisement of Executive Mountain Management. Please check our website for the Daily Training Schedule or call the Ski Team office at 530-452-4184 after 7am.
Drop Off / Pick UpBase of the Funitel lift uphill side at Squaw Valley | Base of Summit chair at the trees at Alpine Meadows
  1. Must purchase Ikon Pass.
  2. Athletes in this program should be able to ski the whole mountain with confidence, as well as hit small jumps straight. While park progression will consume the most of skiing time, quality of turn and sound technical skiing will not be overlooked and skiing drills will be a daily occurrence.
  3. Please note this is not a beginner program