Mighty Mites

  • mighty mite racers
  • mighty mite racers

The Mighty Mites program helps young skiers develop strong fundamental skills, learn to be part of a team, gain a joy and passion for skiing in a fun and challenging team environment. Our experienced coaches focus on progressive skill acquisition, knowledge of the skier’s responsibility code and safe skiing, respect for the mountain, and having fun. Each Mighty Mite will gain a solid foundation that will enable him or her to continue in one of Squaw Valley’s development programs, and will be proud of their skill achievements and help attain a life-long love of skiing.

2018-19 Mighty Mites
Weekends & Holidays5-108:45am-2:30pmDecember 8, 2018 - April 7, 2019$3,130
Tuesdays & Thursdays5-101:30-4pmJanuary 8, 2019 - March 28, 2019$1,099

*Team fees DO NOT include a season pass. Purchase of the Ikon Pass is required.

Enroll Online

Questions? Call 530-452-7270.

Day of Information
Breaks and SnacksWe ski and get mileage! However, we usually take a short break for a quick snack. Please provide a healthy pocket snack and $3 for hot chocolate.
LunchLunch is a supervised event. Mighty Mites may purchase hot lunch from the cafeteria, order a bag lunch from Dave's Deli, or bring their own food.
Bad WeatherOur goal is to ski every day. We may have a delayed start or cancel on the odd occasion due to weather or operational challenges. This decision is made on advisement of Executive Mountain Management. Please check our website for the Daily Training Schedule or call the Ski Team office at 530-452-4184 after 7am.
Drop Off / Pick Up LocationTree at the base of Exhibition lift. Children may not be dropped off before 8:30am.

Please visit our Squaw Teams website at squawskiteams.com

  1. Must purchase an Ikon Pass.
  2. Must be 5-10 years old by December 31, 2018. No exceptions.
  3. Children 5-7 years old must be advanced beginners and able to turn and stop on their own. Children 8-10 years old must be at the intermediate level or higher.
  4. Children must have participated in ski lessons or skied for a year before signing up
  5. Skiers must be comfortable loading and unloading chair lifts unassisted
  6. Parents of new Mighty Mites must provide a description of their child's skiing ability
  7. Use of leash or edgie-wedgie training aides is not allowed
  8. Helmets & eye protection are required for all team members