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Advanced & Expert Programs

“I want to explore some of the most challenging and technical terrain on the mountain with expert guides and coaches.”
Take your passion to new parts of the Mountain

Preferred Lift Access

Be the first up the mountain on a powder day! Skip the lines with priority lift access. You'll spend more time getting mileage and making your friends jealous.

Hone in on specific skills

With specialty programs geared for advanced and expert skiers and riders, you’ll be coached on high-level tactics that enable you to be a stronger, fluid and more aggressive skier or rider.

Uncover the most Coveted Terrain

Our expert guides and pros will show you some of the most exclusive trails, bowls, chutes and glades, giving you a personalized tour of the mountain’s best-kept secrets.

Take our word for it

“Teaching experts is proper fun. They’re motivated to get better and experienced enough to know what they want to improve. I like to show them secrets and shortcuts to answer their questions and give them new abilities so they spend less time thinking about snowboarding and more time doing it. We get to explore more of the mountain, too, which is always an adventure.”
Peter Steinfelds
11-year snowboard instructor at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows

Programs for you

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