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100% Renewable Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows

The transition toward entirely renewable energy is possible in the present tense.


The power of teamwork

At Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, we see an opportunity to lead our industry and our community toward a more sustainable future, today. Together with Liberty Utilities, we're working to power our entire operation with 100% clean and renewable sources of energy. Beyond the resort, the initiative will also help foster a regional transition to renewables, providing new clean energy for 49,000 power customers in our community.


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"The technology to reduce our emissions is here now. This project shows that we don't have to wait 20 years. We can do it now."

- Jeremy Jones, pro snowboarder and environmental activist
  • Environment

    The resort will reduce its total annual carbon footprint from 13,078 to an estimated 6,682 metric tons – a 49% reduction, equivalent to the annual emissions of 959 homes.

  • Community

    Liberty Utilities is fully committed to Squaw Alpine's 100% renewable goal and share our vision for a sustainable community, creating new sources of clean energy for 49,000 customers in California.

  • Leadership

    Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is positioned to be 100% renewable 26 years ahead of the California state goal of December 31, 2045.


Natural gas and 25% solar power supply our current needs, including Liberty Utilities' 50 megawatt solar generation plant.


New renewable energy projects like solar will increase clean, renewable energy options for 49,000 Liberty Utilities customers, powered by the sun.


The resort is a potential site for a battery energy storage system that will store 100% renewable electricity as backup power supply for the resort & community


Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows will soon be entirely powered by 100% renewable, clean energy. Our efforts are accelerating a regional transition to renewables, providing more clean energy options for power customers across our region.


We're not the only ones working to make our community more sustainable. Show your support with #renewablenow.