Aerial Tram Rides

  • Gondola in the winter at Lake Tahoe
  • Aerial Tram at Squaw Valley
  • Gondola in the winter at Lake Tahoe
  • Aerial Tram at Squaw Valley
Hours of Operation: 
Closed until further notice.

Scenic Aerial Tram Rides with Views of Lake Tahoe

Please be advised that the Aerial Tram and all High Camp activities are closed until further notice.

This panoramic 10-minute ride soars above the iconic Tram Face, offering stunning mountain vistas and beautiful views of Lake Tahoe itself. High Camp is located at 8,200 feet above sea level.  

Summer 2020 UPDATE: The Aerial Tram and High Camp facilities are closed until further notice. 

What are the operating hours of the Aerial Tram? 

The Aerial Tram is open 9am-4pm daily in the winter, weather & conditions permitting. We do not offer weather-related refunds. Please call 800-403-0206 for operation status.

Can I get a refund if the Aerial Tram closes due to inclement weather? 

We do not offer weather-related refunds. If you have concerns regarding the weather, please speak with one of our Mountain Hosts or call 1-800-403-0206. 

Can I bring my dog on the Aerial Tram? 

Dogs are only permitted on the Aerial Tram in the summer. During the winter months, only service dogs are permitted on the Aerial Tram. 

Is there food at High Camp? 

Yes. You can choose from Granite Bistro, a sit-down establishment with mountain views, or the grab-n-go High Camp Marketplace. The Marketplace also has coffee, pool accessories, and merchandise. 

In the summer, can I hike back down to the village if I take the Aerial Tram up? 

We strongly discourage hiking down Shirley Canyon from High Camp due to the steep incline of the trail. If you want to hike down, we recommend the Thunder Mountain Trail. Additionally, if you'd like to hike up Shirley Canyon, you can take the Aerial Tram back down to the village. Here is a full hiking guide for the Squaw Valley area