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When Winter's Ready, So Are We

As ambassadors of winter stoke, we believe that a great day at Squaw | Alpine doesn't start with you. It starts with us. That's why we've made a Winter PACT and pledge to give you our best every day. Because the only thing greater than our love for snow is our love for sharing it with others.

As ambassadors of winter stoke, we believe that a great day at Squaw | Alpine doesn't start with you. It starts with us. That's why we've made a Winter PACT and pledge to give you our best every day. Because the only thing greater than our love for snow is our love for sharing it with others.

Our Winter Pact to You
Invested in tools & training
employees, largest staff in history
combined years professional patrol experience
The Pillars of our PACT

For decades, we've devoted ourselves to the pursuit of winter and whatever it throws our way. This season, we're taking it further and making a Winter PACT with you. We're holding ourselves to a core PROMISE and taking ACTION to give you a better mountain experience. We're opening the lines of COMMUNICATION and investing in more TEAMWORK—because the more prepared we are for winter, the more you can prepare for your best winter on record.

(Photo: Casey Blann, Senior Vice President of Mountain Operations)


Our promise to you is as clear as a bluebird day in Tahoe: We will do everything we can to open as much terrain as safely and efficiently as possible.

Letter From Our Senior VP of Mountain Operations

To my fellow skiers and snowboarders,

Season after season, this team is committed to opening terrain safely and efficiently, as well as constantly looking at how we can evolve the way we do things. We recently invested $4 million in snow safety tools and training, and have more staff on the payroll than ever before. For you, our guests, we have more ways than ever to get you real-time information about our operations. Skiing and snowboarding is at the heart of what we do, not just as a business, but as people who love living and working here. It is with this passion that we make this pact with you to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends our way, with more tools than ever at our disposal, and open these mountains as safely and efficiently as we possibly can. This is our promise to you.

I’ve been managing ski resorts in Tahoe for over 35 years, and I’ve never seen a financial commitment like this one to getting the mountains open. We now have the largest Gazex avalanche mitigation system in the whole of North and South America and the latest in technology with four new avalauncher units. We also have more grooming cats than ever dedicated to snow removal. Committing to the best resources in the ski industry is the most important action we can take to deliver a great day on the mountain, and it’s a pact that we promise to fulfill for our guests and our staff every day.

I welcome your comments or questions as we dedicate this season to snow, weather and whatever else winter throws our way.

Casey Blann
Senior Vice President of Mountain Operations,
Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows


Our words are only as good as our actions. We recently invested over $4 million into more staff, more training, and more tools so we can do the job we love to do: getting you on the mountain.

More Staff

Employees, largest staff in history
Employees dedicated to opening the mountain

More Training

departments engaged in leadership training
hours of annual patrol training

More Tools

Gazex remote avalanche control systems
new long-range avalaunchers
New Grooming Machines
new snow removal machines


Real information from real people. We vow to be open with you and communicate what goes into our decisions and programs that make every day as best as it can be.

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Behind our promise is a whole team of people that make this mountain run as smoothly as possible. Meet the women and men who have taken their own pledge to bring the Winter PACT to life.

  • "I think the most rewarding part, beyond seeing the snow you've made, is that gorgeous Sierra sunrise. It's spectacular."

    - Mark Meyer, Squaw Valley Snowmaking Manager
  • "We're here to get the mountain open. That’s what we live for and we want to do it as safely and efficiently as possible. I’m really excited coming into the season with what we have available to us."

    - Ken Bokelund, Alpine Meadows Ski Patrol Director
  • "The operational logistics for mountains like Squaw or Alpine can be extremely challenging. There are a lot of moving parts to the process. We all rely on each other to help keep the mountain in motion. No operational department stands alone. We all help to get to the goal. We win or lose as a team."

    - Chris Woo, Squaw Valley Director of Lift Maintenance
  • "We're out there in the dark and cold. All night we have the mountain to ourselves, putting the slopes back together. But I love it when people show up in the morning and we get to wow them with perfect skiing."

    - Brendan "Brendo" Gibbons, Alpine Meadows Slopes Surface Manager

The People of Our Pact

At Squaw | Alpine, it's the people that make the place. Follow our team throughout the season for interviews, profiles, and behind-the-scene stories with the women and men who are dedicated to what they do and why they do it.

When Winter's Ready, So Are We

Ski Patrol Directors Will Paden and Ken Bokelund explain the challenges their teams face on a daily basis and how they are utilizing new tools to make snow safety as efficient and safe as possible, while also highlighting their passion for the mountains and the work they do.