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  • Food Beverage Hospitality Jobs Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe
  • Lake Tahoe Summer
  • Squaw Kids Summer Adventure Camp
  • Lake Tahoe Squaw Valley Summer Employment
  • Lake Tahoe Squaw Valley Jobs
  • Lake Tahoe Summer Lodging at Squaw Valley
  • Lake Tahoe Disc Golf at High Camp
  • Lake Tahoe hiking at Squaw Valley
  • Lake Tahoe High Camp Pool and Hot Tub at Squaw Valley
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Join the Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows Team! 

Work alongside and on California’s best terrain in our vibrant and enthusiastic community. Receive retail and restaurant discounts, season passes for eligible dependents, and free tram access. Full-time, part-time, and on-call staff ski free at 14 iconic resorts, including Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

See What It's Like

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Please note: Winter 2019-20 Positions will be available starting August 1st, 2019.  

Work in Food & Beverage at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows

Do you want to hone in your culinary or service skills while working in a fun team environment and living in the mountains? Join our Food & Beverage Team at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows!

Food and beverage employee at Squaw
Benefits of being in Food & Beverage
  • Ability to learn and grow within different areas of F&B
  • Learn valuable culinary skills
  • Free "Family Meal" lunch daily
  • Meet new and exciting people in a fun team environment
  • Wide variety of food service venues to choose from
  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive resort wages
  • It's interesting and satisfying to make people's day with delicious food!
food displayed in the village
Some of our current openings
  • Cooks: entry and experience positions available
  • Experienced Sous Chefs
  • Servers
  • Supervisor & Manager positions
  • Food Runners/Bussers
  • Dishwashers
  • Food Court & Station Attendants
  • And so much more!
food and beverage employee
Apply Now

To apply and see all open jobs, start by clicking on the link below. You will then be directed to our Careers search page. Under the category section, select "Food and Beverage" and then hit submit!

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Employee Perks
  • FREE tram access for you and your legal dependents
  • Employees receive 4 free Tram Tickets and 8 50% off vouchers
  • FREE bus passes to get to and from work
  • FREE access to the pool and hot tub at High Camp. Legal dependents receive 50% off.
  • FREE access to summer activities including: roller rink, disc golf, and geocaching. 
  • 50% off Food & Beverage at quick-serve outlets (Starbucks included) and 25% off full-service outlets. 
  • 30% off retail at Oakley, Parallel Mountain Sports, Estelle, Squaw Dogs, The North Face, Squaw One Logo Company, The Ledge, High Camp, Patagonia & Spruced. 
  • Discounted bike rentals Monday-Thursday
  • 50% off 1 and 3 month membership at Wanderlust Yoga Studio in the Village
  • Experticity Membership: tons of brands available at discounted prices
  • Hotel & Lodging discounts: Discounted hotel rooms at the Village at Squaw Valley.
Benefits for Full-Time Year Round Employees
  • Medical, dental, & vision coverage
  • Health savings account
  • 401k & Savings plans
  • Paid time off & sick pay
Employee Housing

Dormitory-style housing is available for full-time active Squaw | Alpine employees on a first-come/first-serve basis. Onsite employee housing units are located on Squaw Valley premises and within walking distance to the Village. Basic furnishing and supplies are provided, along with access to a laundry machine and wireless internet.

One requirement for living in employee housing is full time employment at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows. Once you have secured a job offer letter, please reach out to housing@squawalpine.com and we can send you a housing application. Please keep in mind that spaces in housing are limited and not guaranteed to any employee. 

Most of our employees live outside of Employee Housing. Our onsite units are built to be seasonal housing for those new to Squaw | Alpine. The goal is to help new employees get integrated into the Squaw | Alpine community and not meant for long-term solutions. For these reasons, we do recommend that you also look at other housing options as well.

Housing Resources

Finding housing in North Lake Tahoe requires advance planning. We recommend that you exhaust all resources. Below is a non-exclusive list of agencies, individuals and lodging properties that may have temporary/long-term housing available. There is also more information located in the Human Resources office, located at the Olympic Village Lodge at Squaw Valley. 

Additionally, please check out and join these Facebook Groups:

Lastly, please ask about our Rental Rewards Program where local homeowners are incentivized to rent out to our employees. 

Things You Should Know

Distance from Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows to:

  • Tahoe City 7.7 mi
  • Sunnyside 9.7 mi
  • Dollar Point 10.8 mi
  • Truckee 11.7 mi
  • Carnelian Bay 11.9 mi
  • Homewood 13.6 mi
  • Tahoe Vista 15.6 mi
  • Tahoma 16 mi
  • Kings Beach 17 mi
  • Incline Village 22.4 mi
  • South Lake Tahoe 37 mi 
  • Deposits: It is common practice to pay a deposit when moving in.  You will receive the money back at the end of the lease ONLY if the property is in the same condition as the start of the lease. Security deposits will be provided AFTER participants have left for the season. They will assess housing damage before returning any money! Remember: Clean your rental completely before move out or you can be charged. Remove clothing, food and anything else you may have bought during your stay that was not there when you moved in
  • Rent: Paid monthly, ranging from $400 to $500 per person to share a bedroom
  • Utilities: Landlords may or may not include utilities (water, sewer, heat, trash removal) in the total price of your rent. This is a question you should ask before signing a lease.  It may be your responsibility to sign up for your own utilities.
  • Internet: Most landlords will not provide internet service. If you want to set up internet service, you will need to arrange on your own.
  • Phone Service: It is your responsibility to establish home phone or landline service. Most individuals use their personal cell phone.  Be aware cell service is not 100% reliable in all locations.

For all questions related to Housing, please email the Housing Coordinator at housing@squawalpine.com.

How do I get hired?
  • Apply online
    • When a candidate submits an application, it goes directly to the hiring manager for review, and the hiring manager will reach out to qualified candidates 
    • Summer jobs are typically posted in April
    • Winter ski jobs are typically posted between July-September
How do I apply online?
I've applied for a job. How long until I hear from the hiring manager?

Be patient. We receive a lot of applications and it can be difficult to respond to candidates right away. If you don’t hear back immediately, don’t assume that you didn’t get the job, mostly likely your application just hasn’t been reviewed yet. You can check the status of your application at any time by logging into your profile.

How do I nail my interview?
  1. Make a Good Impression: We are a ski resort…we aren’t expecting a suit and tie (however, bonus points if you do show up in a suit and tie!!) Be on time, be clean, dress and groom well.
  2. Think about your responses: Research common interview questions and think about how you will answer. When you have prepared, it definitely shows.
  3. Promote Yourself: Many of our positions are entry level. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, show your potential. We are looking for candidates who are hard working, willing to learn, can arrive at work on time, fulfil the job requirements, and comply with grooming standards.
Can I get a second job?

Yes. Employees are welcome to seek additional employment.  There are several options within The Village at Squaw Valley, Truckee, CA, and Tahoe City, Ca. We ask that employees work with their managers to make sure a second job does not interfere with their current work schedule.   

What kind of work schedule can I expect?

Work schedules vary by department, but almost every position will require you to work weekends and Holidays. Please communicate any schedule requirements, or requests for time off as early as possible or at your time of hire.

Do Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows require a pre-employment drug screen?


What is the grooming and appearance policy?

Creating good memories for our guests involves projecting a positive image. A professional and well-groomed appearance is an essential ingredient to our success. We are here for our guests and it is absolutely necessary to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment at all times. Team Members should dress according to their department uniform guidelines. If a Team Member fails to dress appropriately, the Team Member may be asked to leave for the day or to return home, change into suitable clothing, and report back to work. If you have any questions about the proper attire for your work area, ask your manager.

Men can wear small rings such as class rings and wedding bands are permitted but should not be worn while performing work where they might present a safety hazard. No pins or other articles are allowed on uniforms with the exception of certification pins (P.S.I.A., Far West, Squaw related etc.). One small earring is allowed.
Hair must be of a natural haircut, neat and tidy at all times. Well groomed hair is essential. Sideburns must be neatly trimmed and may extend to a half inch below the ear. Full beards, mustaches, or goatees are permitted if fully grown at the time an individual is hired and cannot be started during the active season (June 1st through October 1st and November 1st through May 15th ). All beards, mustaches, and goatees must be neatly trimmed daily and of a conservative nature. Beards may not extend onto the neck area, or more than one-half inch in fullness.

Women must present a neat, natural hairstyle. Long hair may need confinement in areas where it is a health or safety hazard. Jewelry should be worn in moderation. Small rings, wedding bands, bracelets, and earrings (two) are permitted, but should not be worn while performing work where they might present a safety hazard. No pins or other articles are allowed on uniforms with the exception of certification pins (P.S.I.A., Far West, Squaw related etc.).

Radical hairstyles or colors (bleached OK) do not meet our standards. Exposed body piercing and excessive exposed tattoos are not acceptable on the job with the exception of one small facial stud smaller than 1/16 of an inch with only one end exposed.

Tattoos may be required to be covered depending on location and content of the tattoo. See your manager for clarifications.

Do you provide housing?

No, we do not provide employee housing, however we do offer housing resources for those relocating to the area. It can be a challenge to find housing in this area so we suggest you research housing options well in advance of moving here.

What kind of perks will I receive?

There are many benefits to working for Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows! You can review a list of perks & benefits here and we will provide you will a full list of perks/benefits upon hire.

How do I get to work? 

  • We provide free bus passes for all employees for the local transportation (Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit). Click here to view the current bus schedule. Please keep in mind the schedule may vary depending on weather.
  • Driving your own car – there are employee parking lots at both Squaw and Alpine. Contact the Human Resources team at hr@squawalpine.com for more information
  • Carpool – Depending on availability, if you carpool with 3+ people you can park in the Protect our Winters Parking lot at the front of the village.

International Hiring

J1 Work & Travel Visa

Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows employs summer and winter university students on J-1 cultural exchange visas. We work with various international sponsor companies to hire J-1 applicants. New J-1 applicants must be hired through an Agency Job Fair.

  • South America & South Africa: please reach out to the sponsor companies CCUSA or CIEE for information about the Work Experience USA program
  • Europe: please reach out to the sponsor company CIEE for information about the Work & Travel USA program

We only hire under the independent option if you are a returning Squaw | Alpine employee. Please contact HR or your previous manager for approval to return.

Please Note: Most of our positions start in mid-November and carry through till mid-April. Please make sure you are available for most of the time.

H2B Work Visa

At this time, Squaw|Alpine does not provide sponsorship for H2B work visas.

For more information, please email the Human Resources office at hr@squawalpine.com or call 530-452-7112.

Employee Testimonials

Working at Squaw Alpine means “inspiring adventure with a smile”. It means being part of a community of passionate adventure-seeking individuals. Here’s what those individuals have to say.

Aerial Tram Winter
About Our Mountains

“Alpine is all around an amazing mountain for families, locals, and employees! The best resort I've had the pleasure of working with.”

“Alpine is a great mountain with both great guests and employees. I am proud to be a part of it and to help our guests enjoy their experience”

“Amazing mountain, amazing village, amazing people and they are good to their employees.”

kids taking ski lessons with instructor
About Our Culture

“The ski resort has an amazing culture that includes teamwork, good attitudes and fun.”

“Squaw Valley is a wonderful place to work you will end your day in a smile and everyone who you work with is so happy”

employees in the kitchen
About Our Community

“Squaw is like a family. The longer you are here the more connected you are. Love it!”

“Such a sense of community - we're all here because of our shared passion!”

“I love the community and sense of belonging one gets through this work.”

employees riding the gondola
About Our Work Environment

“Squaw Valley creates a positive work environment like no other. It is a pleasure working here”

“Squaw values their employees and it shows. Great environment to work in.”

 “Your office is a mountain, how can you beat that?!”

Alpine Patrol
About Our Jobs

“I love my job, Squaw is amazing and the advantages are diverse and great”

“I love this mountain and all the staff! It's an amazing place to make a paycheck!”

“Ski Instructing has been an amazing experience. I find it very rewarding to meet with so many new people and teach them a sport I love so much!”

mechanic working on a truck

“The way supervisors and managers treat employees in Lift Operation is great, it makes work a really nice experience. Aside from that, the benefits Squaw offers are great, and the environment is overall really good.”

“My experience with Race Services has been one of the most fulfilling, exciting and enjoyable jobs I have ever had! Never been so pleased to work so hard!”

“I've worked for Squaw Valley since I was 14 years old (I'll be 24 in a month) and I've had nothing but exceptional work experience here. The people I work with have become my good friends, mentors, and role models. I love the community Squaw Valley has provided for me to grow up in and how Squaw Valley is helping me build the career path I am on today. I feel nothing but respected, valued, and enjoyed as a member of this team.”

Squaw Alpine All Stars

Check out some of our awesome staff, shared with #squawalpinejobs and #squawalpineallstars