Wet Weekend Turns White Next Week

Category: Weather
Sunny & Cold Ahead of Big Storm

After 4-7 feet of fresh snow this week today will be cold with sun and light winds. Highs in the 20's on the mountain to near 30 at the base.

Cold/Warm/Cold Strong Storm

The next storm moves in Saturday in the early morning hours. It starts as snow to base level with snow falling through mid-morning. The snow levels rise to 7000 feet by midday and to 8000 feet by the end of the day.  We could see several inches of snow below 8000 feet Saturday before the change to rain.

Saturday night snow levels rise to 9000 feet, and max out around 9500 feet Sunday morning. We could see several inches of snow above 8000 feet overnight before the change to rain.  Sunday the snow levels should stay above the highest peaks with all rain and very heavy.

Then colder air works in and snow levels begin to fall Sunday night. The snow levels should fall back to 8000 by midnight Sunday night, and near the base by Monday morning. The snow could continue into Monday night as the main low moves inland. We could see significant snowfall after the snow levels fall, with totals of a foot or more at the base, and 1-3 feet on the mountain by Tuesday morning.

Colder Storms Next Week

No break as another significant storm moves in Tuesday into Wednesday. This one is colder and could bring 1-2 feet at the base, and 2-3 feet to the mountain by Wednesday night. Snow levels may rise to 6500-7000 feet briefly Tuesday night before falling back to lake level.

Light snow showers possible Thursday. Then Friday into Saturday another storm is possible. This one could bring lesser amounts of snowfall, maybe around a foot.