Warm Storm Continues through Monday

Category: Weather
Snowfall Report:

The mountain picked up an additional 9 inches of snow in the past 24 hours bringing the final 5-day storm total to 47 inches on the upper mountain. 2 inches feel at the base overnight before a change to rain.

Warmer Storm Sunday - Monday:

Winds are gusting to 60+ mph up top this morning as the storm continues to drop heavy rain and snow on the mountain. Snow levels rose above the base overnight and are up around 7000-7500 feet this morning. The storm will continue through Monday with snow levels slowly rising through the period. We should see the winds start to come down a little today and lighter for Monday.

At the base, we will see all rain for the rest of the storm. The latest forecast model runs show snow levels rising to around 7500 feet for Sunday into Sunday night. They could fluctuate 500' on either side of that depending on the intensity of the precipitation. Then with lighter precipitation on Monday snow levels are expected to rise to around 8,000 feet. The precip should taper off by Monday evening.

The snowfall forecast between 7000-8000 feet where snow levels are fluctuating is very tricky. We could see 1-12 inches of wet snow in the 7000-7500 foot range, and 12-24 inches in the 7500-8000 foot range through Monday. Above 8,000 feet at the very top of the mountain where it is all snow we could see 24-30 inches. Squaw is measuring at around 8,000 feet and Alpine 7,800 feet, so the totals could be several inches apart just in that short elevation range.

The Week Ahead:

We should see drier weather Tuesday through Thursday with highs in the 30s. The winds become lighter. We could see clouds and a few scattered showers Wednesday as the low off the coast moves inland. Snow levels may drop to around 7,000 feet.

The next storm pushes in Friday into Saturday bringing another round of snow to the mountain. This storm looks colder with falling snow levels. We could see 1-2+ feet of snow with this storm. We will have more details as we get closer.