A very snowy Christmas

Category: Operations Blog

A very White Merry Christmas Eve to you! It started snowing right around 5am this morning and it’s really coming down!

Let’s go over a few things for today

We’re tracking 80mph ridge gusts, which means the upper mountain at Squaw Valley is closed for the day. We made the call at 10:30am that winds would not be getting any better.
While winds are howling and lifts can’t spin on upper mountain, our Patrol team is still up there doing control work in preparation for tomorrow. It’s snowing pretty good right now so control work will be needed throughout the day and tomorrow morning.
Our Patrol teams are coming at 5:30am to start working to get the mountain open for the Christmas Holiday and they’re going to “give it hell” as our VP of Operations, Mike Livak said.

All of this new snow and high winds today will really shake things up and our teams are ready/prepared to be agile.

Mechanical Christmas Miracle

Something interesting from yesterday...the drive board on Olympic Lady went down. The drive board is essentially the “brain power” that spins a lift. It failed. Just as machines have been known to do. Our head electrician was here until 8:45pm (he got here at 7am) to make sure we could get it and up and running. How about that dedication? Our team is committed to getting this mountain open and we want our guests to have the best possible experience at our mountains.

Friendly Reminder

We're in a storm cycle and a lot can change with weather, conditions and operations. Best place to find real time information is our app and lift + trail status page. These sources are updated immediately from our team (Dispatch) as soon we hear word from our ops teams on the mountain. It truly is THE best source of information. 

Hope to know more about what is happening for Christmas Day later today, so stay tuned!