Update on Wednesday Storm

Category: Weather

I posted yesterday on the change in the weather pattern coming up this week.  We should still see a change to colder and snowier this week and beyond, but a couple of changes to the storm for Wednesday.

Wednesday Storm:

The trend over the last 24 hours has been for the storm to not dig as far South down the coast.  That will limit the amount of available moisture.  

Based on the latest trend of the models the updated snowfall forecast this morning is for 1-3 inches on the lower half of the mountain and 3-6 inches on the upper half for Wednesday.

We still have a few days to fine tune the forecast.  There will still be lots of cold air behind the storm and we should have good snowmaking temps Wednesday and Thursday night.

Beyond the Storm:

Inversions may setup by Friday into next weekend so the snowmaking may shift to the lower half of the mountain.  Temperatures will warm slightly as we see a break in storms later in the week into next weekend.


We are still watching for a storm around Monday the 21st that could bring more snowfall.  The long-range pattern looks to keep the storm door open with more storms possible through the end of the month.