Train of Storms Could Bring Feet of Snow

Category: Weather
Last Fair Weather Day

Sunny today with highs in the 40's on the mountains to around 50 at the base.

Clouds start to increase Wednesday with wind gusts increasing to around 35 mph up high.  Highs remain in the 40's to low 50's.

Storm Series Stars Light

Thursday the next storm begins to move in. It's a fast moving storm with snow levels starting around 8000 feet in the morning and dropping to the base around midday. By Thursday evening we could have 1-2 inches at the base, and 2-4 inches on the mountain. Winds may gust to 70 mph on the mountain tops.

Friday the next storm moves in. This storm will bring snow Friday into Saturday. Snow levels look to stay below the base. We could see an additional 6-10 inches at the base, and 10-16 inches on the mountain by Saturday afternoon.

We may see a break between storms Saturday night through Sunday.

Storms Continue & Get Stronger

Sunday night the next in a series of subsequent waves moves in with continues snowfall possibly through Wednesday night. We could see feet of snow pile up at lake level and on the mountains.

We may finally see a break next Thursday into the weekend of the 25th.