Terrain Park Update: 3.20.15

Category: Terrain Park

Like always, our plan is everchanging due to weather. Unfortunately the weather has not been on our side lately. 

There are some slight changes that have been made to the plan explained in the last blog post. At Alpine Meadows, our original plan was to keep Howard's Hollow open until the end, and say bye to Tiegel by this weekend. That has flip-flopped, as Howard's appears to be shrinking before our eyes (we have had to remove features daily in order to maintain the trail below). Tomorrow will be the last day to hit up Howard's, with the wallride and rail line available, before we shut it down for the season. Tiegel will still be open as long as possible (at least a week).

Squaw's plan will stay on track. Belmont however will be the first to go once Big Blue and Bailey's access becomes unavailable. Hopefully we can get at least one more week out of it! There is currently no plan for changes in Gold Coast as of yet, but as the snow melts and feature maintenance becomes difficult, expect to see some features disappearing.

Don't let this news get you down, our parks are still fun! Take advantage of them now before they are gone, that's what we'll be doing.

-Park Staff