Terrain Park Update: 3.14.15

Category: Terrain Park

What’s up everybody?!


We can’t lie about the weather being absolutely gorgeous for this time of year, most of us actually enjoy it! What we don’t enjoy is that with amazingly beautiful weather comes not so great snow conditions, which makes things pretty hard in our department, as well as other departments around the mountain.


In order to keep things going, we’ve got to make some cuts where we don’t necessarily want to make them (around 45% reduction of parks between both mountains), so here’s the plan for the next few weeks:


At Alpine Meadows we will keep Howard’s Hollow as is with 12 features as long as we can, and retain Tiegel with the 6 current features for the next week, which after will be closed for the season (unless a miracle happens… who knows!).


At Squaw we will be keeping Belmont as is with a total of 18 features. However, in Gold Coast we will be giving up half the width of the park in order to make available intermediate terrain for guests as the surrounding trail offerings start to thin out. The feature count will drop from the current 26 features down to 18. We know, we know, not awesome.


We understand that this news might disappoint our loyal park shredders, as it still seems pretty early in the season to be making these decisions, but understand that this is not easy for us either - we love our parks! If you would like to share your opinion about these changes with us, please write us a letter, email it over, message it to us on Facebook, or put a stamp on it and send it to us the old fashioned way. Your opinion matters to us, we want to know what you think.


In the meantime, shred it up while you still can!

-Park Staff