Terrain Park Update - 2.21.16

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Terrain Park Update - 2.21.16

What's Been Up?!
  • The 1st Annual Oakley Grom Jam in Belmont Park was a huge success! Between the competition, prizes, free cookies and sunny skies - it was a day we'll remember for a long time. Thanks to everyone that made it out!
  • After the 31" of snowfall this week, we've totally dug out our parks and they look great!
  • With sunny skies and warm temperatures forecast for this upcoming week, the parks will be the place to be!
Know Your Ability... Pick Your Park!

We don't start with black diamonds on our first day skiing. Along the same lines, there is a progression that should be followed with parks; it's important to hone your skills on appropriate terrain before increasing difficulty. In short, know your ability. Around the mountain, you may notice some new signs suggesting ability-appropriate parks and we hope you'll heed our advice. It's much more fun to work your way up to the bigger parks than it is to be overmatched. Perfect those skills on the smaller features before moving on to the big.

What's Next?

There are whispers about a 22' pipe in Mainline Park this spring...