Terrain Park Update :: 1.30.15

Category: Terrain Park

We were all pretty stoked to arrive to a little snow on the moutains on Tuesday morning; a very relieving sign that proves not all hope is lost for the remainder of the 2014-15 winter season. There will be snow!

Meanwhile, our park crew at both Squaw and Alpine Meadows were able to switch things up a bit in each of our parks. Whether it be swapping out a feature, or giving existing features a little facelift to keep things fresh, our staff is doing their best to offer a fun park to ride through. With 18 features at Alpine Meadows, and 40 features at Squaw, there is a combined total of 58 park features to keep you busy dialing in those tricks you've been working on.

January, you were alright with your warm temps and sunny skies, but we're ready to move on. Our fingers are crossed that February brings some weather this way. Punxsutawney better see his shadow on Monday, that's for sure.

Until then, get out on that mountain and ride everday (that includes Sunday... Come on guys, the game doesn't start until 3:30!).

-Park Staff