Sunny with Increasing Winds Wednesday, Heavy Snow Thursday

Category: Weather

We have a break in the storms Wednesday. The winds are lighter this morning only gusting to 30 mph up top. The winds will be increasing through the day up to 55+ mph by this afternoon and up to 65+ mph up top by the end of the day. Partly sunny skies with cold temperatures continuing. Highs in the 20's up top and 30s at the base.

Thursday - Thursday Night Storm:

A stronger storm moves in Thursday morning with heavy snow expected into the evening. Then snow showers Thursday night possibly lingering into early Friday morning before clearing out. This is another cold storm that could bring 10-15 inches of new snow to the base, and 15-20+ inches of powdery snow to the mountain by Friday morning.

The strong winds could continue through the day on Thursday gusting to 70+ mph up top in the morning and 60+ mph in the afternoon, possibly affecting some upper mountain lift operations. The winds are forecast to drop off around the end of the day. Highs continue to be in the 20s on the mountain and 30s at the base.

Friday thru the Holiday Weekend:

We should clear out on Friday with sun and cold temperatures. The winds die off making for a beautiful day for skiing the fresh snow. Highs in the 20s up top and 30s at the base.

A drier pattern for MLK weekend. High pressure builds in over CA with mostly sunny skies and warmer temperatures. Highs into the 30s on the upper mountain and 40s at the base.

There is the chance for a weak system to move in by Monday evening, so we will keep an eye on that for return travel from the holiday weekend.

Next Week:

We may go into a more unsettled pattern next week. We have the chance for a weak system or two between Monday and Thursday. We will be watching that and fine-tuning the forecast for any snowfall we could see.


We may see nice weather again for the weekend of the 24th-26th. Then possibly a more active pattern towards the end of the month.