Still Holding Onto Slim Chances for Snow...

Category: Weather

We are still in a dry period for another week.  Beyond a week it is hard to have much confidence in the forecast models.  The pattern changes they have been showing for next week and the week after are not ideal for snow to return, but they offer a small chance.

Remainder of This Week:

Sunny weather pattern continues. High temperatures will be in the low 50's during the day and overnight lows in the 20's at the base and near 40 at the summit. 

The inversions are keeping it warmer at the top than the bottom at night, but it has remained cold enough on the lower mountain to continue snowmaking.

The Weekend:

This weekend storms should return to the Pacific NW which may cool upper mountain highs into the 40's and bring a little wind. Still expecting mostly sunny skies through the weekend.

The new weather pattern may also mix up the air a bit and allow for colder temperatures below freezing again on the upper mountain for snowmaking.

Next Week:

By the middle of next week high pressure may shift far enough away to allow colder air and the possibility of light snowfall.

We are watching for the possibility of system diving down from the North next Thursday.  There is a better chance for colder air than snow, especially on the latest model runs, but we will keep watching to see if we can get some light snow out of it.

Christmas Week:

Heading towards Christmas high pressure may try to build back in but further North and West near Alaska.  That could possibly allow storms to break underneath into CA near or just after Christmas.  Again, the chances are slim, but it is possible in that pattern setup.

We are hoping for a full pattern change to a wide open storm door in January.