Snowy Thanksgiving

Category: Weather
Snowfall Report:

As of the 6 a.m. measurement, the mountain ops team reported 6 inches of snow on the mountain.  That was right in the middle of the 4-10 inch forecast for the first storm.  It continued to snow for a couple hours this morning after the report, so another inch or two may have fallen on the mountain.

Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows First Snow Storm

For Thanksgiving Day it will be cloudy and cold with the chance for snow showers.  Snow showers may increase later this afternoon as moisture from the next storm begins to move in.  Total additional snowfall from the snow showers this morning and later this afternoon could be 2-4 inches on the mountain, and 1-2 inches at the base.

Precip rates should pick up tonight as more moisture from the 2nd storm pushes in.  Snow levels may rise to 7,000 feet overnight, which is 800 feet above the base. Above the snow line, we could see an additional 3-5 inches of snowfall on the mountain by Friday morning.


Friday the brunt of the 2nd storm moves in with rain and snow becoming heavier again.  There is warmer air with this storm, so snow levels will rise through the day on Friday and could peak out as high as 8,500 feet by Friday evening.  We could see an additional 3-5 inches of snowfall above 8k on Friday, which is from the top of the Funitel and up.

Friday night snow levels look to remain around 8,000+ feet.  Above the snow line (above High Camp), we could see a final 3-5 inches of snowfall.  That is above the measuring spot so we may not have verification of snowfall Saturday morning outside of the High Camp web cam.

Storm totals for the upper mountain above 8,000 feet could be 8-14 inches, with a bit more possible on the highest peaks.  Below that, we could see several inches of snowfall through Thursday night but then rain Friday and Friday night.

The Weekend:

High pressure is expected to start building back in for the weekend.  It should be cold though with highs in the 40's.  Colder air at night should allow for snowmaking to resume to continue expanding terrain.


It looks like we may have a dry start to the week of the 26th.  But a strong Pacific jet stream may push storms into CA again pretty quickly, beginning as early as next Tuesday the 27th and continuing into the weekend of the 1st.  We will look more at the details of these storms once we get past the Friday storm.

Happy Thanksgiving!