Snow Today through Next Week...

Category: Weather

Currently we have a fast moving and weak storm moving through bringing us snow today.  We could see 3-5 inches at the base and 5-10 inches on the mountain by the time the storm winds down tonight.  Winds are strong up top today with gusts over 60 mph.

We should have a break Thursday before another weak storm moves through Thursday night.  This storm may also bring a few inches to the base and 3-7 inches to the mountain.  The winds could gust up to 60 mph up top again with this storm. 

After another short break on Friday a 3rd storm will move in on Saturday.  This storm is warmer and may bring rain to the base, and 3-6 inches to the mountain.  The winds should pick up again as well.

This active pattern continues into next week with another weak-moderate storm possible next Monday-Tuesday that could bring a foot or more of snow.

Then, maybe a stronger storm by the end of the week.  

High's should remain in the 30's through the period.  The winds should be strong up top with each storm.