The Snow Continues

Category: Weather
Wednesday - Thursday Storm:

The next cold system drops down from the north Wednesday into Thursday. Snow showers expected both days. We could see 3-7 inches of powdery snow over the 2 days. Highs still in the 20's. Ridgetop winds gusting up to 40+ mph.

Weekend Storm:

Friday and Saturday should be cold and dry with some sun. Highs in the 20's on the mountains to low 30's at the base.

The next cold systems drop down from the north Saturday night into Sunday. This system could merge with moisture streaming in off the Pacific bringing heavier snow by Sunday night. We could see 4-8 inches pile up by Monday morning.

Storms Next Week:

We could see moisture continue to stream into northern CA Monday to Wednesday. Depending on how much moisture we see push in, we could see light to heavy amounts of snow.  We will be fine tuning this over the next few days as we get closer.


We may not see much of a break as storms could continue to move in the weekend of the 2nd through the week of the 4th.