The Scoop on Skiing Smoothies

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Smoothies is THE spring run at Squaw Valley. We asked Squaw Valley Ski Patroller Ben Leech to give us the scoop on the elusive Smoothies run and how to find it:

Why Smoothies is awesome

Smoothies is a favorite springtime run. It’s almost a novelty because it only stays open for an hour or two in the morning. It just makes people want it that much more. It’s called “Smoothies” because in order for it to be open, and be in its prime, it has to be perfect California corn snow. It stays “smooth” because ski patrol closes it when the temperature gets too warm and the snow starts to get ruts in it. This is how Smoothies stays smooth. 

Smoothies run at Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe
Photo of Smoothies by Ski Patroller Brandon Walsh
How to access Smoothies

To access Smoothies, ride to the top of Granite Chief chair. From the top of the chair you’ll want to traverse as high as possible in Hidden Bowl, below Granite Peak. Usually there will be a traverse line to follow. The Smoothies gate is all the way at the far north boundary. There is an OPEN/CLOSED sign at the gate as well as at the top of the Granite Lift to let people know before they make the long traverse. Once you pass through Smoothies gate, there are several different open faces to ski that lead back down to the Silverado lift. This terrain has a backcountry feel to it so we always recommend skiing with someone who has skied the Smoothie before. Happy corn skiing!


When you make it out to Smoothies, be sure to take in the unique views! Share your best spring moments on Twitter and Instagram with #springskiingcapital for a chance to win Oakley goggles, sunglasses, a GoPro and 2017-18 Gold Season Pass. Contest details  >>