Rain and High Elevation Snow Starting Tonight

Category: Weather

High clouds and mild today with highs in the 50's.

The First Round

Tonight we should see light rain showers with snow levels around 9,000 feet.  We could see scattered showers linger into Thursday night.

Mountain top winds could gust to 40-50+ mph.

The Second Round

Friday into Saturday we could see more showers from the 2nd wave of precipitation moving through.   This time snow levels could be closer to 8,000 feet, falling near 7,000 by the end.  

We could see a coating up to a few inches of snow by Saturday above 7,000 feet.  Better chance for 1-3 inches of snow above 8,000 feet, with an inch or two more possible on the highest peaks.

We may have another break Saturday afternoon into Monday with just clouds and the chance of a stray shower with highs in the 30's on the upper mountain and 40's at the base.

The Third Round

Monday Night into Wednesday we could see another storm move in.  The majority of the forecast models are leaning towards some heavier precipitation with this storm.  

The snow levels could start high and then fall with this storm, which could bring a chance for several inches of snow or more by Wednesday.  We will be watching this storm closely as we get closer!


High pressure may build in later next week and into the weekend of the 13th, bringing back a drier pattern.  

It may not last long as we may head right back into a wetter pattern the 3rd week of January.

- BA

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