A Quick Update on Shirley Canyon

Hiking Boots or Snow Boots?

Now that warm weather and sunny skies are headed our way, we’re all excited to start hiking. Please keep in mind that due to the heavy winter, hiking in Shirley Canyon is currently limited to the lower section of the trail. The upper section of the trail is still obstructed by snow. 
Downed Trees in Shirley
Heavy snowfall this winter caused some damage to the trail.

At this time, we do not recommend hiking from Shirley Canyon all the way to High Camp. If you decide to hike, it is advisable to turn around before the granite slabs start mid-way up the trail.

Shirley Waterfall
Deep snowpack on the upper mountain makes for heavy flows this spring. Photo: Kristen Costa

Currently, the first few waterfalls are accessible. Due to the 740” of snowfall we received this season, the falls will be raging through the summer as the snow melts out.

Snow patches on trail
If you do decide to hike, be sure to bring sturdy, waterproof boots and appropriate clothing.
Downed Trees
Take care when navigating through downed trees.

Expect Snow & Downed Trees

Even on the lower-middle section of the trail, hikers should be prepared to walk over snow patches and expect to navigate many downed trees across the trail. Trail maintenance still needs to be completed to remove logs and debris from the trails.

Walking over downed trees
Extra obstacles on course this spring.

Upper Section of Shirley Canyon

Trail markers and signs are hidden by the snowpack making navigation difficult. 

Snow & Mud
When the trail got snowy and muddy, we decided to make this our turn around point. We'll hopefully make it all the way to the top in July!

Deep and unstable snow conditions exist about half way up the canyon. Trying to continue on to the granite slabs is not recommended.

Upper Mountain Snow
Even though the snow is melted out at the base, there is quite a lot of snow on the upper mountains to prevent hiking.

If you do decide to visit the waterfalls, please take extra precaution on the trails. Always hike with a buddy or let someone know where you are headed.

Shirley Waterfall
We'll be enjoying the waterfalls all summer.