Prime Time on Chute 75

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Mothership Diehards Rejoice!

Conditions are excellent and KT-22 is rolling through Memorial Day weekend. Besides for the all-time powder days, Chute 75 is skiing the best it has all season.

Drop in to Chute 75
Take a deep breath, you’ll be puffing by the bottom!

This afternoon I headed out for a few KT laps. Even with full sun and high temps in the 60’s today, the moguls on Chute 75 are still skiing like a dream.

Party Ski KT
Party laps on Chute 75 all day
Corn Snow Rules!

Since it’s north facing, Chute 75 is a little more protected from the sun and the snow surface stays in better shape. 

Corn snow
Check out this corn!

It has a consistent steep pitch so it’s a blast to ski or ride even when the snow gets super soft.

Slash snow
Skier Graham Capson slashes some corn
The moguls are wide and deep, but also super soft and forgiving

You’ll be hooting and hollering as you slash and slide your way through them. Chute 75 is a wild ride that will get your heart pumping and your legs burning. Put those ski muscles you’ve been building up all season to the test and see if you can ski it top to bottom in one go.

Snowboarder view upper mnt
Great coverage for this late in the season. Check out the upper mountain- we still have 192" up there
KT-22 Operations

Please keep in mind: Mountain operations will keep KT open as conditions allow. Depending on the rate of snow melt, walking may be required over a couple patches of dirt near the base area.

Ski the Patch!
Ski the patch!
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