Operations Update: March 7-8, 2017

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Overview of Today's Operations

Powder Turns

Following a 4 foot storm total, today was another great day full or powder turns and stoke! The morning started off with significant snow safety, digging out lifts, assessing lift clearance and grooming to get the mountain ready. Thanks to our incredible crews, we started spinning lifts for the public at 9am.

Photo: Solitude Chair early this morning taken by Mountain Manager, Jimmy King

At Squaw Valley, lower mountain lifts from Squaw Creek to KT-22 opened first at 9am, followed shortly after by the Tram, Funitel, and Gold Coast. Next Big Blue, Shirley Lake, Solitude, Siberia and Granite Chief all opened before noon, offering fun turns on the upper mountain. Headwall lift did not open due to wind hold, and Emigrant did not open due to lift clearance issues. Red Dog, Far East and Squaw Creek closed at 3pm for World Cup preparations and will remain closed through Saturday.

At Alpine Meadows, all lifts opened with the exception of Alpine Bowl Chair, which is once again buried under a significant amount of snow. Summit opened at 10am and Sherwood opened at 11:30am after crews dug out the lift the lift and assessed clearance. It was a great day at Alpine with plenty of powder.

Photo: Daron Rahlves at Alpine Meadows today. Photo by Jeremy Benson

Projected Operations for Tomorrow, March 8, 2017

 Tomorrow is looking like another great day on the slopes with partly sunny skies and a bit less wind.

At Alpine Meadows, all lifts are scheduled for 9am opening with the exception of Alpine Bowl Chair, which still needs to be dug out. 

Silverado Added to Tomorrow's Schedule

At Squaw Valley, Silverado has been added to tomorrow's schedule! According to ski patrol, they are aiming to open the lift and terrain by 9am, but there is still some set up to be done that could cause delays. Our crews will be out as early as possible to complete snow safety in the area, re-cut the safety road, and finish marking Silverado boundaries and terrain obstacles. We also anticipate opening Emigrant once clearance issues are resolved. Red Dog and Squaw Creek will be closed tomorrow for World Cup course preparation and will remain closed through Saturday, March 11. 

Here's a preview of what Silverado looks like, as seen today from the Tram:

Shot today on GoPro from the Aerial Tram

Please check our lift & grooming status, mobile app, and Mountain Ops Twitter for real-time updates tomorrow!