Operations Update: April 7 & Weekend

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Today's Operations: April 7, 2017

Again, both mountains experienced extremely high and intense winds, which limited operations today. With 10" overnight and snow throughout the day, we're still on track to see up to 4 feet on upper elevations by Sunday! Let's take a look at what the next few days will bring.

Check out NOAA (National Weather Service) sensors from today:

Projected Operations for Tomorrow and The Weekend

Saturday, April 8

Tomorrow could be much of the same as today: excessive winds, which likely will impact our operations.

"Gusty winds will continue this evening with breezy conditions expected Saturday. Additional snow accumulations in the mountains will be 1 to 2 feet above 7000 feet with 6 to 12 inches down to 5500 feet or so. The winter storm statements will continue." - NOAA Weather Discussion

Stay tuned to the app and website for real-time operational information tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

Sunday, April 9

This could be our first shot at a powder day as winds are expected to die down. Lifts will likely be buried since machines haven't been able to reach them given winds in excess of 100mph and patrol will have to perform snow safety. Please stay tuned to the app and website for real-time information and please be patient as our teams work to unbury the mountain and prepare for an opening after 4 feet of snow.