Nice Start to the Week, Unsettled Going into the Weekend

Category: Weather
Spring Skiing

The weather will remain mild through Thursday with highs in the 60's at the base and 50's on the upper mountain.  So expect soft snow conditions to continue.  

Unsettled Weather

We are in cut-off low season as the jet stream continues to retract North and weaken.  That means there is nothing to steer or push this storms along as they break off from the flow and wander off the coast. We have one this week that as it slowly moves towards the coast will help to create afternoon thunderstorms starting Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon.

The forecast models are struggling with when the low moves inland and how fast it moves through over the weekend.  Either way it looks like we cool down Friday through the weekend and the winds likely pick up a bit.  We could see highs in the 40's on the mountain and 50's at the base.  The showers could be more persistent over the weekend with some high elevations snowfall possible.  


It looks like another low pressure system could be meandering off the coast by the middle of next week...  So we will just have to monitor each of these.  They are hard to forecast precip/snowfall amounts and snow levels until a day or two out.  They can speed up, slow down, move North, move South, turnaround, etc...  Once in a while we get a late season snowfall with a May or June powder day.