New Terrain Opening Tomorrow

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That 17" in 24 hours was really, really fun today. Mother Nature delivered the goods and we were grinning ear to ear all day. 

Today's Ops

Lifts opened a bit later than anticipated and this was due to the significant snowfall we received in a short period of time, as well as a rain layer that added some extra ice to our lifts. When this happens, our lift maintenance team has to go out early morning and remove the ice from lifts in order for these lifts to start spinning. That also requires Patrol to hike out to terrain, instead of using chairlifts, to do set up and avalanche control work. 

New Terrain Opening

Ahhh, the fun stuff. Siberia, Emigrant and Solitude are on the schedule for tomorrow. Our teams haven't been out there so they are slated for a delayed opening at 11am. We're shooting for a 9am start on Siberia. Alpine needs a couple more feet to open Scott and Sherwood, but we're watching the weather intently. We should know more by Monday after this next storm cycles through. Your best resource on days like this is the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows App. You'll get up to the minute updates from our team (Dispatch). 

Winds tomorrow are expected to pick up in the afternoon with ANOTHER storm coming in. This is a good thing, because another 1-2 feet is very possible by Monday. Get the intimate details on weather here from our resident weather blogger, BA.