New Operations Blog: The Word - It's snowing! Here's what you can expect...

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It’s snowing at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows and we couldn’t be happier. This storm is expected to bring significant snow, but with big amounts of snow, we can always expect high wind events.

What is "The Word" Blog?

Which brings us here. To our first ever blog post for “The Word”. “The Word” blog is intended to deliver you the inside scoop on what it takes to get the mountain open on a powder day, what terrain you can expect to open next, Patrol tips on what zone is skiing the best and much much more. We want to have an open conversation with our loyal skiers and riders on the ins and outs of our mountain operations. All information comes directly from us, the heart of operations: the Dispatch Team at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. We hope you will check back here for the real scoop throughout the season.

Storm Update

Now let’s get to the fun stuff – the snow storm at hand. Today we have significant winds. We’re not talking puny winds, we’re talking over 100+ mph winds. You can always check the NOAA remote data sensors here to see what’s going on up top. As you’ll see winds are clocking in at 99-130mph this morning on the upper elevations at Squaw and 77-91 mph at Alpine Meadows upper elevations. We’re dealing with Mother Nature here, and she is a beast that can’t be tamed. We use the National Weather Service for our information and we invite you to do the same. According to their predictions, we could see upwards of 17” overnight with little chance of snow accumulation on Friday.

Squaw Operations Update

It’s hard to say what additional terrain we could open at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows until we see what actually happens with the weather. Right now at Squaw Valley, we’re looking at Siberia as the next lift to open. On top of a couple feet of snow needed to open this lift, we have other factors that we must consider when opening up new terrain. Right now, the challenge for Siberia is wind loading, significant new snow, travel delays caused by pioneering new terrain and terrain marking requirements which can all delay opening, BUT as our VP of Operations, Mike Livak said, “we’re bringing an army to the party”.

Alpine Operations Update

Let’s look over Alpine Meadows ops. Today Alpine is closed due to high winds (see above wind data). The next terrain opening we’re looking at is Scott Chair. This requires 3+ feet of snow and it’s likely this storm won’t get us there. However, we’ve got another storm on our toes and that could be the final push to get us there. Like we mentioned earlier, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, but our team is ready to move and prep Scott for opening once she gives us the green light.

We should know more and have more concrete details for you after this storm and the next, so stay tuned, and always do your snow dance.