More Snow Possible Friday Night, and Next Week

Category: Weather

We saw snow levels dip a bit lower than expected last night, down to 8,000 feet.  Ski patrol is reporting an inch at 8k at the top of the funitel.  Maybe a bit more on the top peaks


Today we should see scattered light rain showers with snow levels around 9,000 feet (top peaks).  Scattered showers could continue into tonight. 

Mountain top gusts to 50+ mph.  Highs in the 30's on the upper mountains to 40's at the lower levels.

Next Storm

Friday into Friday night a second wave of precipitation will bring more rain and snow into Saturday morning.  This time snow levels could sit around 8,000 feet.  We could see 2-4 inches of snow above 8,000 feet (top of the funitel). 

Winds are still gusting to 50+ mph on the mountain tops and temperatures still in the 30's up high and 40's down low.

We may have a break Saturday night into Sunday with just clouds and the chance of a stray shower with highs in the  40's.

Bigger Storm Next Week

It is looking like we are going to see a wetter storm for next week in the Monday - Tuesday night time frame. 

Snow levels start high again around 9,000 feet Monday and then falling to 8,000 feet. Tuesday.  They could fall to the base by the end of the storm Tuesday night.  Some forecast models show a faster drop.

We could see several inches of snow on the mountain above 8,000 feet.  Early estimates are 3-6 inches.


High pressure may build in later next week and into the weekend of the 13th, bringing back a drier pattern. 

But it may not last long as we may head right back into a wetter pattern the 3rd week of January with a series of storms.

- BA