Inside Scoop on Spring Skiing at Alpine Meadows

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We're past 380" for season-to-date snowfall, so you better believe our spring skiing is all-time right now. The mountain is nicely filled in and providing some unique spring experiences that can only be found here at the Spring Skiing Capital™. We asked our Director of Mountain Operations, Jeff Goldstone, to give us the inside scoop on his favorite way to ski Alpine in the spring. See what he recommends and refer to the map to find the location on our trail map.

Morning: 9am-12pm

1. Early Morning Groomers On Summit

The key to spring skiing is following the sun. If you arrive at 9am, hit the groomers on Summit to warm up your legs and let the sun do its softening magic. 

Pacific Crest North Bowl Zone

2. For a Challenge: Hike to High Beaver or Estelle Bowl

If you didn't know, Alpine Meadows is known for its hike-to terrain. While it might be a bit more work, you'll find 2 things when you hike out to the Pacific Crest North Bowl Zone, the home of Beaver & Estelle Bowls; STELLAR views of Lake Tahoe and equally stellar corn snow early in the morning.

Pro Tip: Ask a patroller at the top of Summit to see how the freeze cycle has been in Beaver and Estelle Bowls. They'll tell you whether there is soft snow to be found in this zone mid-morning on any given day.

Take time to soak in the views from the Pacific Crest North Zone 

Pacific Crest South Bowl Zone

3. Hike High-T

High-T is the premier hike at Alpine Meadows. It's a quick hike compared to Estelle and Beaver and offers incredible wide open bowl skiing that drops you into the backside of Alpine (aka Sherwood), which is arguably the best spring skiing spot on the entire mountain. 

4. Sherwood Express

Sherwood is the #1 spring skiing zone at Alpine Meadows. All aspects face south, so it gets that direct morning sun that softens up the snow to a smooth, buttery surface. This spring we have been regularly grooming Sherwood Run, Maid Marion, and Robin Hood. These trails are awesome long, wide cruisers.

Wide open bowls greet you at the top of High T 

5. Ice Bar

A trip back to Sherwood would not be complete without a pit stop at the famous Ice Bar. This outdoor snow lounge provides cold beverages, sun chairs for working on that goggle tan, incredible views of the mountains, and of course, good vibes. 

Afternoon: 1-3pm

The Promised Land Zone

6. Scott Chute

At this point in the day, the sun has baked the snow enough for you to "farm" some corn turns. Scott Chute is directly under the chairlift and offers up a steep and consistent pitch. Check if there are any takers while riding up the chairlift and listen to how the snow sounds. If you hear a scratchy surface, you might wait for the snow to soften a bit more. No sound? It's game on. A great alternative to Scott Chute is Scott Ridge, which is skiers left and typically groomed every day. 

7. Promised Land

Promised Land has got the same vertical as Scott Chute, but not quite as steep. Head here for post-lunch lap #2. 

8. Gentian Gully and Lower 40

These trails are behind Promised Land and have a similar aspect to that zone, so the turns will be soft and the pitch is consistent.

Pro Tip: Jeff's favorite spring skiing run is Townsend's (not on the map). It doesn't get skied that much and it's a nice wide open chute. Get there by traversing to the left of Promised Land, but not quite to Subway Cirque. Your end destination is the top terminal of Meadow Chair.

Corn snow typically falls under skier and snowboarders top 3 snow surfaces to shred

Apres: 3-4:30pm

9. Main Lodge Sun Deck

Your legs might be jello, but you likely saved energy to relax and enjoy a cold one with friends and family on our expansive sun deck at the Main Lodge. On Saturdays and Sundays in April, check out our Spring Music Series for free live music from 1-4pm. 

Soaking up the sun and live music vibes on the sun deck overlooking the frontside of Alpine Meadows