Hosting Non-Profit Events

sledders with pms logos on saucers

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows annually hosts over 20 events and donates nearly 100,000 square feet of event space for nonprofit organizations and charitable causes. 

From the laps on KT-22 to benefit the High Fives Foundation to Ski for MS, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows proudly partners with non-profit organizations to host events on the mountain and in conference and event spaces around the resort. 

Year after year, we’ve hosted so many of our events at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows because of their unwavering support of our mission. Without fail, they’ve been willing partners who’ve not only given us access to event space, but the ability to host events like the Mothership Classic on the mountain with absolutely no charge for the space or the staff time it takes to pull these events off. These events bring locals and the broader mountain action sports community together to celebrate our area’s unique, oftentimes wacky culture.”

— Roy Tuscany, Executive Director, High Fives Foundation

Get Involved 

Check out our events calendar to find an upcoming opportunity to have fun for a good cause!