Headwall & Siberia Highlights

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We chose our 5 favorite runs off Headwall and Siberia chairlifts at Squaw Valley. Check it out!

Sun Bowl

Sun Bowl Headwall
Come here for the.... southern exposure, soft snow, and expansive views!

Ski around Alpine Meadows for an hour or two and as you look off in the distance, you'll asssuredly find your eyes have been trained on Sun Bowl. This south facing terrain softens before much of the mountain and tends to ski differently throughout the season. For most of the winter, you'll find that the piste has been perfectly manicured by our team of expert groomers. Come spring, many locals will boast that the slush bumps are the best in Tahoe. No matter the season, there's always a reason -- go see what this favorite is all about.

The Palisades

Come here for the... scenery, legendary steeps. and to test your mettle!

Arguably the most famous terrain in North America, Squaw Valley's Palisades have been featured in countless ski movies. From the top of Siberia Express, hike on up to one of the most impressive, intimidating, and thrilling ridgelines anywhere in the world. You never know who you may end up standing next to up there; from professionals to hardened locals - the Palisades are big mountain skiing's proving ground here at Squaw Valley. Best of all; it's probably equally as fun to watch skiers and riders give it their best shot from below as it is to ski!

Mountain Run

Come here for the... tour of the mountain, views of the valley and to pile up mileage!

The quintessential Squaw Valley groomer offers 3.2 miles of terrain, so by the bottom - your legs just may be burning. Although mellow in nature, it's easy to get caught staring to the distance as you wrap your way down from Gold Coast past Headwall and towards the bottom of KT-22, most of the while flanked by Broken Arrow on your left. With alternate routes like Sunnyside, Spring Bowl and Home Run, there are plenty of ways to keep Mountain Run fresh. Our favorite way to end the day!

Headwall Face

Come here for the... variety of terrain and occasional (very) high angle grooming!

Headwall Face is one of the most iconic and visible runs on the mountain, coming into view shortly after you turn onto Squaw Valley Road. With a steep pitch and many options to duck into Hogsback, North Bowl or otherwise, Headwall Face always seems to deliver good snow. In April 2016, groomer Kurt Wilhelmy tackled this for the first time in 20+ years, laying down pristine corduroy to rave reviews. Said one local; "The steepest and fastest groomer we have. Pure awesome!" We won't argue - there are a variety of ways to enjoy this classic that has stood the test of time for 55+ years.

The Slot

Slot Headwall
Come here for the... challenge!

If there is a bar in the village named after this gem, you know it has some appeal. The Slot provides a challenge, tucked away off of the Bullet before Cornice Bowl and to put it simply, nobody makes it here by accident; access can be tricky, which tends to keep the snow in good shape. While not claustrophobically narrow at the top, your first few turns are critical before it opens up more and more. We imagine you'll be bragging about skiing this one at apres. One of the few places where you're tucked away enough that you feel like the mountain is all yours.