Exciting Holiday Terrain Updates

Category: Operations Blog

We’ve got some news for you on our operations today and we’d like to share a little insight into what happened today and some very exciting terrain info! Keep reading…

Today’s outlook
  1. The not so good news… it was windy today. Winds were 60+ all day in higher elevations. Check out the NOAA weather sensors.
  2. Today was had some fairly unsafe conditions. We saw a lot of unpredictable snow slides, which is why many lifts were closed. (i.e. KT-22 Summit, Roundhouse, etc)
  3. Good news! We were able to get cats up on the mountain to build ramps and get ready for tomorrow. We also spun a few lifts (where we were able to given high winds) so that we can reduce the likelihood of lifts freezing over. This helps our lift maintenance team in the morning so that they don’t have to chip at the ice on lifts.
  4. More good news! We got 4 FEET in 4 days and 3 FEET of that was in the past 24 hours – score! It came in more wet than expected, but that is OK. We’re getting our base set up and if you haven’t heard it before…it’s all about that base :)
  5. Better News! Lakeview is on the schedule for tomorrow morning! Patrol and grooming was out there today getting the slopes ready. There is potential of a delayed opening, but we’re bringing a crew and planning to do everything we can to open on time and safely!
  6. EVEN better news! With the snow from this storm we are going to deliver a very rare Christmas treat to all. We are scheduled to be 100% open, wall-to-wall, for the Christmas Holidays*. This is only the 5th time in our proud 60 year history that we've been able to do this.

* Lift and trail operations are subject to change based on weather and conditions. The Palisades at Squaw Valley will not be open for the holidays. Some additional advanced terrain may be closed as well. For real time information on what is open please download our app or visit our website.