Dry Weather Pattern Continues

Category: Weather

We have been seeing a dry and mild weather pattern with high pressure anchored near the West Coast. That has been making it hard to make any snow at night with mild temperatures and inversions making it warmer on the mountain than at the base.

Week 1 Forecast:

We are expecting the dry weather to continue. Highs in the 60s cooling into the 50s later in the week.

Overnight lows in the 30s making for poor snowmaking conditions with inversions for the upper mountain. Slightly colder air possible later in the week making for slightly better snowmaking conditions on the lower mountain and marginal for the upper mountain.

Week 2 Forecast:

We are continuing to watch for a pattern change that could bring storms to Central CA. There are some signs we could start to see some changes starting around the 19th. Right now the forecast models keep most of the precipitation to the north and east of the Tahoe area, but we will watch for any light snow possible early next week.

The last week of November there are some signs that storms could possibly begin to push farther south into CA. We will continue to monitor the forecast daily and will update more consistently once Squaw is open for the season.