Colder Weather This Weekend

Category: Weather

The ridge of high pressure over the West Coast has started its slow move Northwest which will continue through the week.  By this weekend it may have shifted far enough Northwest that a cold trough pushing into the West will be able to dig far enough West to bring us colder air.  It may even bring a few light snow showers.

Temperatures this weekend could be 15 to 20 degrees colder than the temperatures in the 50's we are seeing this week.

Next week the ridge of high pressure may continue to shift West in the Pacific opening up the door to more cold troughs dropping from the Gulf of Alaska down the West Coast by the end of next week.  That could bring us more cold air and possibly some cold storms by the end of the month into March.

We will be watching closely as the pattern begins to change over the next 2 weeks to see what it could mean for our weather.