Blustery Thursday, Colder/Snowier Friday Afternoon - Sunday Morning

Category: Weather
Snowfall Report:

The mountain picked up a quick 1-2 inches of snow Wednesday evening as the first wave of precipitation with the storm moved in. Snow levels started out around 7000 ft. before rising overnight.

Thursday - Friday Morning:

For Thursday into Friday morning, we have strong winds with mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers. Highs in the 40s at the base and 30s on the upper mountain. Winds gusting to 65+ mph on the mountain tops should cause lift closures on the upper mountain. Snow levels around 8500 ft. into Thursday evening and dropping to around 7500 ft. by Friday morning. Not expecting more than a coating to an inch of snow at the very top of the mountain above 8500'.

Friday Afternoon - Friday Night:

Friday afternoon into Friday night we should see the next round of steadier precipitation push in. Snow levels dropping to around 6500-7000 ft. during the afternoon and holding there through Friday evening. Then dropping to below the base by Saturday morning.

By Saturday morning we could see a coating up to 2 inches of snow at the base, and up to 11 inches up top. Winds on Friday gusting to 50+ mph on the mountain which is marginal for possible closure of the upper mountain lifts. Highs in the 30s.

Saturday - Sunday Morning:

Saturday we could see scattered snow showers through the day with snow levels below the base. Then a final system Saturday night brings more snow and colder air. Snow showers could linger into Sunday morning before we clear through the day.

Highs in the 30s with winds dropping to 35+ mph up top Saturday. We could see a final 2-4 inches at the base, and 4-8 inches on the mountain by Sunday morning. Then we clear out through the afternoon.


Sunday afternoon through Tuesday we should see drier weather with highs in the 30s. 

The next storm looks like it splits next week with a low spinning up off the West Coast. The forecast models are at odds on whether that system moves inland over Northern CA by Wednesday, or slows and moves inland over Southern CA by Friday. We will be watching the track all week.