Bluebird Powder Day

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We've got a classic bluebird powder day on our hands. We're excited and we know you are too! 2 feet of snow in the past 48 hours is awesome, but let's discuss a few things that caused a 30 minute delay this morning.

  1. Unstable Snowpack: We saw incredibly high winds yesterday (gusts over 100 mph) and 13" of new snow fell overnight, which caused rapid loading. When there is rapid loading, the snow doesn't have time to settle. Check out the Sierra Avalanche Center advisory (below) for this morning and you'll see what we're talking about. Reminder: Patrol shows up to the mountain in the dark at 5:45am. They can't throw explosives (California Law) until they are able to see terrain. Sun is just peaking around 6:50am this time of year and our Patrollers are in position to do work. 
  2. We're all about SAFETY: We all love to ski and snowboard. Please remember that we want you to ski/ride terrain safely. We don't intentionally hold terrain. If our Patrollers are not comfortable opening terrain because they need to do another pass on their avalanche control routes, then they will do that. We're thankful that our mountain operations team opens this massive playground with fresh snow!
Sierra Avalanche Center Advisory
Closure Signs are There for a Reason

If you are skiing around the mountain and you see closed area markings ex: "Closed Area" sign, rope with "Keep Out" sign, red "Closed" sign that means you are not to enter into that area. These signs are here for a reason, your safety. Our patrollers mark off certain terrain due to a number of circumstances, but in the end it is always for your safety. You are to abide by these signs - not ignore them. If you do not abide by these boundary lines, your pass will be suspended. 

Today we had multiple offenders at Alpine Meadows which caused Patrollers not be able to do their job and open specific terrain. Don't ruin the fun for everyone else. Obey signs - there is plenty of OPEN terrain to explore. 

Eye Candy From Today
Nearly 20 feet of snow this season! More to come...
Powder turns in the Pacific Crest North Zone