Are You Ready For the 2019-20 Season?

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  • Fresh turns on a bluebird day at Squaw Valley
  • Fresh turns on a bluebird day at Squaw Valley

Check out our Early Season Information. 

We are so excited to see you this winter! Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you get up on the slopes seamlessly. 

Transportation & Parking

Remember that in order to get between Squaw and Alpine, you can take the Squaw Alpine Express shuttle, open daily. Get all the details here. Not sure where to park? We can help you out with that

Tahoe Super 4 Pack Checklist
  • If you purchased a Tahoe Super 4 Pack and selected for the Pack to be mailed to you, it will arrive before opening day. You must have a picture uploaded to your profile in order for the pack to be fulfilled & sent out. Please be sure to sign your Release of Liability electronically before opening day to ensure that you get through the gates smoothly. Instructions for how to do this will be included in the mail with your pack. 
  • If you purchased a Tahoe Super 4 Pack and want to pick the Pack up in person, please visit one of our ticketing locations at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows to do so. The Squaw Valley Ticket & Pass Office is open 8:30am-4:30pm daily. 
  • If you have a Tahoe Super 4 Pack from last year that you would like to reuse again this season, please visit one of our ticketing locations to have the pack activated. Please note: this is for the plastic RFID pass only. Unused days from last season do not roll over into this year. 
  • If you purchased the Tahoe Super 4 Pack in our first tier pricing, you received two 25% Friends & Family Discounted Tickets. To redeem these tickets, please visit one of our ticketing locations. 
Ikon or Ikon Base Season Pass Checklist

Important Release of Liability Message for ALL pass holders: If you received your Ikon or Ikon Base pass for the 2019-20 season but did not yet sign an electronic Release of Liability, your pass will NOT work at the gates and you will be asked to go back to the Ticket & Pass Office to sign your waiver. To avoid this scenario, please sign in to your Ikon Pass account and sign your Release of Liability prior to your visit. 

  • If you purchased an Ikon or Ikon Base Pass, you cannot bring your Squaw Alpine Season Pass from previous seasons. You must bring your NEW Ikon Pass on your first day of skiing. If you purchased an Ikon pass in the spring or summer and skied at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, a temporary pass was issued or your old Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows pass was reloaded for Spring access. That pass card will not work for the 19/20 season. Only an Ikon pass will work at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows and at all IKON destinations. 
  • If you have not received your pass in the mail, you will need to stop by the Pass Office at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows to get your new pass printed.  

In order to receive your pass in the mail you must have completed the following:

If you already have a photo uploaded to your account from last season and you signed the electronic 19-20 Release of Liability form, you can disregard these steps. 

  • You should have received an email with a link directing you to create a new online account for your Ikon pass. Follow the instructions and log into your new account. 
  • Upload a new photo. Even if you have uploaded a photo for a Squaw Alpine pass in recent years, you will need to upload a new photo to this system. Your old photo will no longer work. 
  • Electronically sign the 19-20 Release of Liability form. 
  • Your pass(es) will arrive within 7 business days. 

We looking forward to seeing you! 

Ikon Pass FAQs

What should my 2019-20 Ikon or Ikon Base Pass look like? 

Your new Ikon or Ikon Base pass should look like this. If you have a Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows pass from a previous season, that pass will no longer work.

The 19-20 Ikon season pass

I want to pick up my Ikon or Ikon Base Pass in person. Can I do that? 

Yes, Squaw Valley is one of the Ikon resorts that DOES have the ability to print Ikon Passes. 

Is Stored Value still an option?

We have retired our Stored Value program. Guests can purchase Gift Cards or use Resort Charge.

Where should I keep my pass?

Your Ikon or Ikon Base pass now comes with a hole punched in it! You can either wear your pass on a lanyard or simply keep your pass in your pocket to access Squaw Valley Alpine Meadow lifts. As a reminder, these passes have RFID chips and will not work if they are next to credit cards or cell phones. 

How do I use my Friends and Family Tickets?

Simply bring your Ikon or Ikon Base pass and your Friend/Family members to any ticket window at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows on the day you’d like to use your tickets. You cannot fulfill Friends & Family tickets in advance; the Friend or Family member you would like to give the ticket to must come into the office in-person on the day they intend to use the ticket. 

Are Friends and Family Tickets restricted?

If you own an Ikon Base pass, the Friends and Family tickets are restricted 12/26-12/31/19; 01/18-01/19/20 and 2/15-2/16/20

I'm having trouble uploading my photo. What do I do? 

If you are having trouble uploading your photo, please call the season pass call center at 888-365-IKON (4566) to walk you through how to upload your photo. Alternatively, you can take a photo and have your pass printed at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows.

I purchased four passes for me and my family. Do we each get an email about uploading our photo? 

If photo(s) for all pass holders on your account were not uploaded at the time of purchase, instructions will be sent via email to the person who purchased the pass. A link will be included to upload the photos.

Do I get discounts with my Ikon Pass? 

Ikon Pass holders receive 15% off while Ikon Base Pass holders receive 10% at the following Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows locations: Parallel Mountain Sports, The Ledge Boardshop, The North Face, Oakley, Squaw One Logo Company, Spruced Home & Gift, Squaw Dogs, Wanderlust Yoga Studio, Estelle Sports, High Camp Marketplace, Rocker @ Squaw, Starbucks, Olympic House (KT Base Bar, Rock Bar, K|Tchen), The Arc at Gold Coast, Funi's, High Camp Marketplace, Granite Bistro, The Terrace Bar & Restaurant, Alpine Lodge, The Chalet. 

Do I need to do anything with my pass in order for my discounts to work? 

Before you use your discounts, you must either: 

  • Go skiing and get an active scan on your pass. 
  • Stop by a ticketing location to get your discounts activated 

Your discounts will not work until they have been activated in one of the above ways.