Another 6 Inches Brings the Storm Total to 2 Feet, More Sunday...

Category: Weather

We picked up another 6 inches of snow Friday morning bringing the storm total to 24 inches, and the season total to 92 inches.

Partly sunny and breezy today with highs in the 30's.  Tonight the winds pick up and clouds move in ahead of the storm for Sunday.  We could see some light rain showers at the base, and snow showers on the mountain.  The next storm moves in Sunday morning dropping snow levels and bringing heavy snow mid-day.  This will be a quick moving storm that drops 10-15 inches at the base, and 15-20 inches on the mountain.

Behind the storm Monday and Tuesday the sun returns but it is cold with highs only in the 20's.  Then we warm back into the 30's Wednesday and Thursday.  A storm may split and slow as it approaches on Friday.  That could bring unsettled weather through much of next weekend with some snow for the mountains.