Alpine Ski Patrol Dogs in Training

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Meet Alpine Meadow's newest Ski Patrol Puppy in training, Ridge.

Ridge is 5 months old and training with his Ski Patrol handler, Sean. 

But all the hard work can tire him out...


Watson started last spring as an Alpine Patrol Dog in training with his human Ski Patroller, Carl.

Photo: May 2017 

Now Watson is almost 1 year old and still training to become a Pro!

Photo: February 1, 2017 

He turns 1 on February 19...Happy early birthday, Watson!


Huxley, a Chocolate Lab, also joined the Alpine Dogs team in Spring 2016.

Photo: March 2016

Huxley turned 1 in December 2016 and is almost full grown. He continues to train with his Ski Patrol handler, Doug

Photo: February 1, 2017

...but still loves to play:

Ridge and Huxley, February 1, 2017

Thank you Ski Patrol 

Doug and Huxley, Sean and Ridge, Carl and Watson

Thank you to our Ski Patrollers and Ski Patrol dogs for your brave and tireless work to keep us safely skiing and riding our favorite terrain. We are truly grateful.

If you'd like to support these heroic canines, new Patrol dog stuffed animals are available for sale at Estelle Sports at Alpine Meadows and Squaw One Logo Company at Squaw Valley. All proceeds benefit our Ski Patrol Dogs.

And stay tuned for updates on Squaw Valley's Patrol dogs in training!