Alpine Meadows' Pacific Crest Bowls

Category: General

If you have yet to experience Alpine Meadows’ Pacific Crest Bowls, and enjoy finding solitude along with fresh tracks, then it’s about time you head out there. Alpine Meadows’ bowls are not new to the resort; they just have a new name that reflects their location descending from the aesthetic Pacific Crest ridgeline. Skiers and boarders have been hiking/traversing out to bowls such as Estelle and the Sun Bowl for a long time, and for good reason. Imagine in-bounds terrain that makes you feel like you’ve left the confines of the ski area, and has every type of terrain imaginable. Whether it’s spines, chutes, cliffs, open bowls, or gladed trees that appeal to you most, the Pacific Crest Bowls have a little something for everyone. Combine the variety of terrain with how long the snow stays fresh and untracked for, and you have a skier’s paradise. Sharing this information conflicts with my instincts, but I’ve had some of my best days ever skiing the Pacific Crest Bowls. If there’s anywhere that you can find inbounds powder a week after a storm at a Lake Tahoe ski resort, this is the place. Don’t get me wrong, this terrain is not for beginners, but if you consider yourself  a competent skier or boarder and don’t mind a short hike, then it’s about time you go check out Alpine Meadows’ (not so) new Pacific Crest Bowls. See you out there!