42 Inches in 24 Hours, 80 Inch Storm Total, 164 Inches for January so Far, 269 For the Season

Category: Weather
Storm Summary

I pretty much summarized the totals in the title.  Those are for Alpine.  Squaw picked up 37 inches in the past 24 hours, 78 inches for the storm so far, 161 inches for the month so far, and 262 inches for the season.

We are digging out now and dealing with power outages which is continuing to keep the mountains closed.

More Snow Wednesday and Thursday

Cold and Snowy today and Thursday as one storm exits and another moves through. We could see an additional 5-10 inches at the base and 10-15 inches on the mountain by Thursday evening.

Holiday Weekend Weather

Finally we clear out Friday with sun and cold temperatures with highs in the 20's. Over the holiday weekend we see plenty of sun and highs in the 30's on the mountains, and maybe to 40 at lake level.

More Storms Nex Week

By next Wednesday the next strong storm may move in. This one may start warm with heavy rain before colder air moves in with heavy snow into Thursday. Then another storm possible right behind that one.