4 Feet in 3 Days, 4 More by Monday

Category: Weather
Totaling Up So Far

Squaw and Alpine picked up an addtional 19 inches up top in the past 24 hours, and 15 inches at the base.  That brings the 3 day totals to 4 feet up top so far, and an incredible record breaking 19 feet so far this month!

Snow Continues Today

Cold and windy today with snow showers. Winds will be gusting over 50 mph on the upper mountain. We could see 3-6 inches of additional accumulation today with the snow showers.

Tonight snow showers continue through the evening. Then after midnight heavier snow begins to push in with the next storm. By 4 a.m. we could have 5-8 more inches of snowfall.

Final & Biggest Storm Pushes In

Sunday we will have high winds and heavy snow that will last into Sunday night. We could see an additional 10-15 inches Sunday during the day.

Sunday night the heavy snow continues.  We could see an additional 12-20 inches. Winds will be gusting over 100 mph on the mountain tops creating whiteout conditions Sunday through Sunday night.

The snow lightens on Monday and could begin to taper off by Monday evening. We could see an addtional 2-4 inches of snow Monday bringing the total additional snowfall today through Monday to 3-4 feet. Winds will diminish starting Monday.

Finally A Break

Starting Tuesday high pressure builds in for an extended period of dry weather. Temperatures stay cold for the remainder of next week with highs in the 30's.

We could see a break in the storms for 10+ days.  There are signs storms could possibly return around the 3rd-6th of February.