3 Storms Take Aim at Tahoe This Week!

Category: Weather

We have increasing clouds today with mild temperatures as the first in a series of storms approaches the coast. We are expecting progressively colder storms through the week.

NOAA weather forecast
Storm #1:

We have 3 more storms on the way this week.  The first one moves in Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. This storm is warmer and weaker.  We could see snow levels start around 8,000 feet Tuesday afternoon and fall to 7,000 feet Tuesday night, then to 6,500 feet through Wednesday. 

That means we are expecting all rain at the base.  Above 7,000 feet on the mountain, we could see  3-6 inches of snow by Wednesday evening, with the highest amounts on the upper mountain. Upper mountain wind gusts over 50 mph could cause some lift issues.

Storm #2:

A stronger and colder storm is expected to push in by Wednesday night and last through the day on Thursday. Then tapering off Thursday evening.  Snow levels may start at 7,000 feet Wednesday evening but are expected to fall below the base overnight with all snow through the day on Thursday.  Winds could be an issue again Thursday up top.

This storm has the potential to bring 6-12 inches to the base, and 12-18 inches of snow to the mountain by Friday morning. That means a 3 day total possible of up to 2 feet up top.  We will continue to fine tune the forecast as the storm gets closer.

15-20 inches of new snow expected at Squaw Valley
Storm #3:

After a break on Friday, a final storm could drop down from the north on Saturday. This storm looks cold and could bring several inches of cold snow to the mountain.


We could see a drier pattern the week of the 3rd, but a better pattern for storms could set up the 2nd week of December.