28-30 Inches So Far, With 4 More Days of Snow Ahead

Category: Weather
Storm So Far

Squaw picked up 13 more inches up top and 11 inches at the base in the past 24 hours.  Alpine picked up 14 inches up top and 13 inches at the base.  That brings the 2 day storm total to 28-30 inches up top, with feet more coming the next 4 days starting today.

Storm #2 Today & Tonight

Snow continues today into tonight.  By Saturday morning we could see an additional 12-16 inches at the base and 15-23 inches on the mountain.  Winds will be gusting 60-70 mph up top.

Saturday snow showers linger along the crest.  We could see a break Saturday afternoon and evening across the Tahoe basin.  Then a strong storm moves in later Saturday night.  Snow showers Saturday morning and late Saturday night could bring an additional 7-11 inches at the base and 9-14 inches on the mountain by early Sunday morning.

Storm #3 (Blizzard)

Heavy snow moves in early Sunday morning continuing through Sunday night.  Then snow showers for Monday.  By Monday afternoon as the storm winds down we could see an additional 22-27 inches of snow at the base and 24-34 inches on the mountains.  High winds begin Saturday night into Sunday gusting over 100 mph up top.

A Prolonged Storm Break

Tuesday high pressure builds in with dry weather for the rest of next week.  The temperatures stay cold with highs in the 30's. 

Dry weather continues into the first week of February.  Temperatures will begin to warm during the period.

The pattern may change around the 4th of February as the ridge is replaced by a trough, which would reopen the storm door.